The Beginning to Long-term CSR!

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a partner to corporate social responsibility, LOVE FNC collaborates to create an effective and
continuous business for all domestic and overseas underprivileged children and adolescents.


Community Support

Social Contribution Fund Support

Through the corporate funds support, LOVE FNC supports other domestic and overseas businesses.

Matching Fund Support

The same amount of funds gathered by participating employees will be donated by the company.

Cause-Related Marketing

Donation through Consumption

All or a partial amount of the company’s merchandise and product profits can be donated.

Social Campaign

We run campaigns through the web, mobile, and SNS for company customers and members.

Media Social Contribution

We make social contributions for children and adolescents through broadcasting and other media platforms.


All partners who are willing to work together with LOVE FNC through corporate support, are welcome to make an inquiry. +82-2-512-502